Bambi and Tom presenting the Henning’s Pizzano Cheddar.

Cheese goes fantastic on pizza. Pizza tastes great with cheese. Come on down To the Friday Wine Tasting at Whole Foods Augusta to try this delicious “pizza-tasting” cheese. The store has a huge selection of cheese varietals to sample this evening. While walking around, I easily noticed at least 10 different display stands featuring several cheddars, a provolone, hard, and other semisoft cheeses. To try the “pizza” varietal, simply wander my the meat counter. It is next to an array of different flavored jerkies. Specifically, it is called the Henning’s Pizzano Cheddar. While it does not have the hard, crumbly texture of an aged cheddar (more like a provolone or swiss), it certainly packs the well known ‘bite’ one might expect. Give it a taste and let me know what you think. Cheers!