Top 10 Holiday Wines Display

With the holiday season comes a slew of social events. These events can range from family celebrations, intimate fireside dinners, or even holiday work functions. Whatever the occassion, food is sure to be involved. This coming Thursday (11/10/2016) the Augusta Whole Foods Market is hosting a “Top 10 Holiday Wines” event which will also showcase a nice selection of cheeses that they carry. Each cheese has been hand selected and paired to its suitable wine. In addition, there will be a list of fantastic holiday recipe ideas and other food pairings to go with each of the wines. The event cost is only a very affordable $5 and comes with the sampling of 10 wines (plus a surprise), 8 cheeses, and other snacks that will be available. In addition to food and jolly libations, you will gain a further understanding of how to pair cheese with wine and vice versa. Not only is “Let me tell you why that Brie goes so well with the Cava.” a great conversation starter, but the knowledge and experience gained will show you exactly what to bring to your next holiday gathering.  So as to not spoil the surpise, you will have to come to the event to see which wines and cheeses are up for tasting. The event starts at 6pm over near the cheese counter of the store. Hope to see you there. Cheers!



A sneak peak at some of the cheeses to be sampled