June 16, 2016 – Day 7 – Tupí

Tupi. It is Easily Spreadable.

Tupi. It is Easily Spreadable – Source

The Spanish Cheese of the day is Tupí!

About the Cheese:

Coming from the Catalonian region in eastern Spain, Tupí is named after the container it is fermented in. “Tupí” is the Spanish word for a small ceramic clay pot. A more politically correct cheese name is sometimes used, “fromage de Tupí” or cheese in a pot. It is an ancient shepherd’s recipe that uses the second fermentation of fresh (or cured) cow, goat, or sheep’s cheese/milk mixed with olive oil, liqueurs, or brandy. A contributing factor to its popularity is the fact that it doesn’t require refrigeration. Being fermented in the clay pot that it is served in, it is simply eaten straight from the vessel. In seeing this, the cheese is rindless with a firm-porridge consistency.

Catalonia Region of Spain

Catalonia Region of Spain – Source

Tasting Notes and Pairings:

This is not a cheese for the faint of heart. The ‘cottage cheese-esque’ texture coupled to a piquant flavor and pungent aroma compose a dissonant melody for most. Yet, the cheese is somehow strangely attractive. Often, garlic is used as a seasoning. People usually allocate the flavor of Tupí to be similar to Italian Cheeses such as Parmigiana. There is a notable tang to be expected midways through a bite of Tupi. The use of brandy and other liqueurs is to cut on the pungency of this cheese. In addition to this, it is also commonly combined with tomato sauces, butter, or honey to tame it’s exotic flavor.

Since the texture is similar to porridge, Tupí is an easily spreadable cheese that goes well slathered on dry bread or with a “toning” vessel/additive. Drink pairings include crisp and sweet choices such as Cava, cold beers, ciders, or champagnes (Brut). If you can get your hands on this cheese, try these and other pairings that you deem best. Until next time. Cheers!


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