June 20, 2016 – Day 9 – Évora 


Évora – Source


Today we have another delicious cheese out or Portugal! The Portuguese Cheese of the day is Évora!

About the Cheese:

Once used as actual currency, Évora comes from a slightly famous walled town, oddly enough, named Évora. It is produced with Merino sheep’s milk and, similar to many Portuguese cheeses, uses thistle as a coagulant instead of animal rennet. The cheese is shaped by hand and expresses a washed rind.

Walled City of Évora

Walled City of Évora – Source

Tasting Notes and Pairings:

The pate is a pale yellow with a slightly orange colored rind. Regarding the texture, it is somewhat crumbly. Expect a small degree of acidity and sweetness from the sheep’s milk accompanied by an herbaceous spice contributed by the added thistle. A salty, yet fruity finish will conclude a bite of this cheese. It is also notable that milk gathered and used during the spring months produces a fruitier cheese with more prominent flavor. This is due to the flora growing during these months that is consumed by the sheep.

Slice this cheese thinly and pair it with a medley of cured, salty meats, olives, and sourdough bread bathed in olive oil! Évora is a cheese best accompanied with savory things as opposed to sweeter options. To cleanse and reset the palate with a nice wine that pairs well, go with a Sangiovese. Cheers!


Source 1 – World Cheese Book, Juliet Harbutt, New York, New York, 2009, 148.