You can see the peppers and paprika scattered through Sweet Grass Dairy's Heat

You can see the peppers and paprika scattered through Sweet Grass Dairy’s Heat

Sweet Grass Dairy Heat | Thomasville, GA

You want to turn up the heat a bit, try Heat, a raw cow’s milk cheese from Sweet Grass Daily. This is not a mild cheese but neither is it a scorcher. It’s got strong pepper flavors from the ancho and chipotle peppers… especially the smoky flavors from the chipotle. Rounding it out is pasilla peppers and some paprika. ¬†At $18.99 a pound it’s worth a check out. I bought a quarter pound and it lasted us several nights as we paired it up with our wine of the evening.


Personally I think it pairs up with a nice Pinot Noir. Sweet Grass recommends it with a Malbec or different beers. The spiciness seems to bring out the flavors. Sweet Grass Dairy is located in Thomasville, Georgia.

The sales sign at Wine World for Sweet Grass Dairy's Heat raw cow cheese

The sales sign at Wine World

Here’s what they said about Heat on their website:

Quick Overview

Approximately 8oz. Our aged, raw, cow’s milk cheese flavored with an array of chiles and spices.


Heat is mildly spicy coupled with a natural smokiness that’s decidedly different from your average pepperjack. Each wheel is handcrafted and aged as least 60 days to create a semi-firm, flavored cheese. Real chili peppers including Pasilla and Ancho provide the kick while the Chipolte and Paprika give Heat its smokiness. This cheese melts well and will spice up your favorite meals.

Pairing Suggestions:

To offset the peppers in our handcrafted Heat, we usually reach for a few different beers including IPAs, English Ales, or even Summer Ale. For vino, to contrast the spicy notes in the cheese you’ll want to stick with a floral, medium-bodied wine like Gewurtztraminers or to bring out the smokiness grab a red wine like Malbec.

Serving Suggestions:

Heat melts well, making it the best choice for chicken nachos with all the trimmings. You can also shred Heat, giving you a great finish for tacos.