Kerrygold Skellig: Sweet Cheddar

Kerrygold Skellig: Sweet Cheddar


With yet another fantastic cheese under their belt, Kerrygold’s Skellig- Sweet Cheddar Cheese remains true to the ‘essence de Ireland’. While the word “sweet” is in the name, do not expect this to be a dessert cheese, but rather a confident participant on a cheeseboard or melted into sauces/fondues.

About the Cheese:

Currently on sale for 8.99$/lb at the Augusta, Ga Whole Foods Market, this cheese is a steal. Pale yellow in color, Skellig is a firm cheddar with a crumbly consistency. It is produced from the milk of grass-fed cows in Ireland and imported for our culinary delight.

Tasting Notes and Pairings:

Amongst a generous portion of salty crystals or ‘mines’ in the paté you will taste hints of sweetness reminiscent of a rich honey and butterscotch toffee. The mellow sweetness of the buttery cream coupled to the salty tang of the cheddar style creates a complete package of flavor. Expect a rough, yet creamy mouthfeel with nutty and grassy undertones.

Skellig is full of character and deserves a mellow Irish stout or earthy red wine to pair with it. A sweet Ruby or Tawny Port Wine would also hold up to the cheddar’s flavor. On a cheeseboard, dried fruits and salty nuts create a similar profile to the cheese (salty and sweet) which match nicely. Less-acidic fresh fruits and salty Serrano ham would also compliment this sweet cheddar well. Give it a try and post your opinions here! Until next time. Cheers!

“Kerrygold Skellig is a creamy, full-flavored Cheddar imported from Ireland. As with all Kerrygold cheeses, Skellig is an all-natural cheese, produced with milk from grass-fed cows that graze on the green lush pastures of Ireland.

Kerrygold Skellig is for the real cheese lover; it delivers exceptional flavor – rich and tangy, with a hint of sweetness. This cheese is crumbly, savory and has a lovely, butterscotch-like sweetness. Skellig is ideal for cooking, making cheese sauces or taking center stage on a glorious cheeseboard.


Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultures and enzymes.” –


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Skellig Sliced on a Cheeseboard with Salted Nuts, Dried Plums and Currants. Divine!

Skellig Sliced on a Cheeseboard with Salted Nuts, Dried Plums and Currants. Divine!